As of October 1, 2017 we are completely booked for appointments here at the studio.

We will be going to each school for a make-up day. Make-up day will be a regular yearbook picture day where the student will come down during the school day and have his/her picture made.

Make-up days are as follows:

BROOK- November 28th & 29th

CHECHS- September 29th & October 18th

FALLS- October 24th & 25th

SPRINGS- November 1st & 2nd

TURNER- September 27th


You do not need an appointment for these days. We will  provide the school with a list of students already photographed so that they may assign your senior a time on make-up day. The yearbook photo taken on this day with be a tux for the boys and a drape for the girls. We will provide everything they need to wear for these photos. Make-up day usually consists of one photo of each senior that goes directly to the yearbook.